Thursday, February 18, 2016

Dust Storm, I-40, Winslow, Arizona

Wind-blown dust and cloud cover obscures I-40 straight ahead near Winslow, Arizona.

Dark clouds chilled Winslow, Ariz., as 40 mph *average* southerly winds blew dust and I-40 traffic around. Suffice to say, no one “was standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.”

But in Winslow, they don’t call this a storm. It’s a breeze. Anything less than 70 mph is just a breeze, according to the ranger at Homolovi State Park, where I camped a few days. He added that their local record wind speed is over 150 mph!

These speeds were high enough for me and the dogs. On the drive from Prescott, we’d been nearly knocked over several times by gusts and swerving 18-wheelers. Once we got to the campground, we huddled inside Kennel and tried to nap as the van shook. We didn’t come out for a walk until the winds subsided at sunset.

Homolovi State Park is a good overnight stop if you’re traveling I-40 in northeastern Arizona, by the way. A non-electric site is only $15 a night, $18 if you want an electrical hookup. There is no additional park entry fee. And the campground has HOT SHOWERS! Being close to the highway, cell reception is great.

From Homolovi, it’s less than an hour to Petrified Forest National Park, which has no campground. The state park is also an archaeological site with several ancient villages. The sites are co-managed with the Hopi Nation.

I didn’t check out the ruins myself, though. I was too tired from days of fun around Prescott to care. But below is a video I found online about the archaeology of the Homolovi State Park.

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