Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Indian Bread Rocks Picnic Area, Bowie, Arizona

Kennel is parked west of an interesting, boulderlike formation at Indian Bread Rocks Picnic Area near Bowie, Arizona
This gorgeous, FREE campsite (with vault toilets!) is just off I-10 near Bowie, Ariz. The maximum stay at the Indian Bread Rocks Picnic Area is 14 nights. I found this Bureau of Land Management (BLM) site thanks to

Having lost a week waiting for a new tire rim in San Angelo and wanting to get to Saguaro National Park as quickly as possible, I only stayed the night and didn’t even meet the few other campers parked there. I got in at about 4:30 p.m. in the evening and left about 6 a.m. the next morning. Shame. Maybe in the future I’ll come back to stay longer and look for the archaeological remains.

According to a post at the Bowie Chamber of Commerce website, “Wandering Among Indian Bread Rocks,” the amateur archaeologist can find potsherds, stone flakes, and other Native American artifacts. Indian Bread Rocks is named for five bedrock mortars (metates) you can see, which the ancients used to grind flour from mesquite pods and acorns.

Not pictured to left (north) is the vast expanse of the valley. You can literally see for 20 miles to the next mountains. You can also see cars moving on I-10 down below, just a few miles away. Behind is the Dos Cabezas Mountain Wilderness. Those mountains reach up to about 7,500 feet, and when I was there, the peaks had a dusting of snow.

Warning: You’ll be sharing this campsite with cattle. Be careful where you walk! Bullshit (and cow shit) abounds! There are also cacti everywhere, which you’d expect. Coyotes, too, so don’t leave small pets out at night. But they sure do serenade you beautifully!

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