Friday, March 11, 2016

Slickrock Crevice, Kodachrome State Park, Cannonville, Utah

Looking up through a red sandstone slickrock crevice at Kodachrome State Park in Cannonville, Utah, you can see the gentle weathering patterns and the blue sky above.

Kodachrome Basin State Park in Cannonville, Utah, is must see near Bryce Canyon and, at 2,000 ft. (600 m) lower elevation, a warmer place to camp. And for the latter, I was truly grateful to be below the snow line.

After all the effort of excavating Kennel from the snowbank, I didn’t have the energy to enjoy Bryce Canyon National Park. I know, I tried. After a late breakfast, the girls and I drove up into the park and to a few viewpoints. They were pretty, but I hardly cared. Forget about getting out of Kennel to walk anywhere.

Instead, we drove down the plateau to get a campsite at Kodachrome. Then I didn’t do anything for the rest of the day but sleep and absorb painkillers into my tissues.

But this morning, I took the girls on a 3-mile walk from our camp and around the Grand Parade Trail. It’s an easy trail, but it meanders along the edge of the Kodachrome Basin, among and through its common features.

I was grateful to get a nice, long walk with the girls in the warm sun. It was also fun to explore the slickrock crevices and snap some photos. It made me feel like Ansel Adams.

Fun fact: Kodachrome Basin was named such by the National Geographic Society with permission of Kodak. This is according to the park’s newsletter. I’m glad they answered that question. I wondered if the the state of Utah had any risk of trademark infringement. But I guess they don’t.

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